Memberships & Clubs

Go beyond your typical brewery or distillery experience. Join one of our exclusive Membership Clubs and engage in your Talking Cedar community. Our Cask Club Membership offers an immersive experience in creating your own Spirits and our Cedar Scouts Club offers you rewards and discounts on your favorite Talking Cedar brews.

Cedar Scouts

Cedar Scouts is Talking Cedar's beer club, offering Scouts exclusive brewery discounts and member-only deals. Sign up today and receive your first member pour plus, start taking advantage of your 10% discount on all Talking Cedar Merchandise.

Cask Club at Talking Cedar

Cask Club® is an annual membership-based program that allows you to create and customize spirits of your choice. From base recipe to flavor additions and length of barrel aging to proof, this one-of-a-kind program allows you to be the author of your own unique spirit.


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