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If you are looking for a beverage or beverage alcohol production facility that can meet your specific needs, Welcome! With both large-scale brewing and distilling capabilities on-site there is little that we can’t produce for you.

To give you a glimpse, here are some of the components that contribute to our capabilities:

  • 60 BBL - 3 vessel brewhouse
  • 10 BBL Coolship
  • 1400 BBL of fermentation and cellaring capacity, with 15, 30, 60, & 120 BBL tanks – on the brewery side
  • 140 BBL of Foeder capacity
  • Two 3000 Liter Copper Pot Stills with 8 plate rectification columns
  • 2000 Liter Copper Pot Still with a 4 plate rectification column
  • 40 Foot Column Still
  • Three 4500 Gallon Mash Cookers
  • Eight 240 BBL fermenters – on the distillery side
  • Centrifuge with inline carbonator
  • 8 head canning line with DMM capable of erecting trays and cartons
  • Automated grain handling with capabilities for silo, super sacks, and bagged malts.
  • A 6 roll RMS mill
  • On-site Lab with rtPCR capability, DMA 4500, Alcolyzer, Polarimeter, CBox with can piercing ability, & a CMC Kuknke Seam Scanner
  • On-site well water
  • On-site wastewater treatment

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