About our Brewery

Talking Cedar Brewery is southwest Washington's first tribally owned and operated craft brewery. Located in the Chehalis River Valley, our goal is simple: bring you craft brews with local flavor. Owned by the Chehalis Tribe, we value our craft and our community.   

You can find distribution of our products throughout Washington via Northwest Beverage Group. 

Gather. Drink. Share.

Connecting with Tribal Lands

Connecting with the land is a centuries old tradition for the Chehalis Tribe. Over many generations the riverlands have been carefully cultivated to yield a host of crops including one of high importance for the production of beer - Hops.

Water, the other main ingredient in beer production is also harvested locally from a private well on-site in Grand Mound, Washington.

As a result of the mashing and fermentation process, local farmers reap the benefits of spent grain for their cattle. Just another way we are able to keep it local and give back to our community. 

A Bright Future

Some of the most important goals for the Chehalis Tribe have been diversifying our economic base and supporting growth in education, health, housing, safety, and other programs.  

With job opportunities already at a decline in Southwest Washington in 2018, the Tribe knew that this new venture would open doors for employment in our community. With approximately 40% of tribal members being under the age of 21, securing potential employment options for the future became a crucial objective. 


Before we crack open a cold one, are you over 21?