Our New Strawberry Cream Ale Will Put a Spring in Your Step

Are you a fan of the Talking Cedar Raspberry Blonde ale? Then you might be excited to learn she’s got a cousin in town for a few weeks. Our brand-new Strawberry Cream ale is a blonde ale with a little extra twist.

We started this blonde ale with the same classic, delicious recipe as our original Raspberry Blonde. Then our team of brewers decided to get even more creative. The Strawberry Cream ale gets its slightly sweet, slightly creamy flavor from concentrated craft strawberry puree and just a splash of vanilla extract we add to the bright tank, where the beer is held in preparation for packaging. Adding these ingredients after the beer is fermented makes for subtle, delicious flavors.

“This blonde tastes a bit like a bowl of Quaker strawberries and cream oatmeal,” explains Ryan Myhre, our quality control lab technician. “I know that sounds a little weird for a beer, but it’s actually really tasty.” The new brew pours like a typical blonde, clear and crisp, with a slight reddish tint.

If you’ve tried a pint or two from our milkshake series and found them a bit too sweet for your palate, give this blonde ale a try. “It’s perceptibly sweet, but not nearly as sweet as the shake IPAs,” Ryan says. Talking Cedar is leaning in to the fruit-fused beer trend sweeping many other parts of the country. Our Raspberry Blonde and its new cousin, the Strawberry Cream ale, are fantastic entry points if you’ve never given one a try.

We only brewed up about seven kegs of this oh-so-drinkable beverage, so she might not be around for long. Coming in at 5.1% ABV, you’re free to enjoy a couple as the days start getting longer and the sun starts coming out. You can enjoy a pint with lunch, dinner or brunch at the Talking Cedar restaurant or stop by and fill a couple of growlers if you’re not feeling the indoor dining vibes yet. Don’t miss out!

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