A Pilsner Has Landed

Raise your hand if you wish there were more breweries making craft pilsners. We see you and we are excited to announce the release of our first one!

The Talking Cedar Pilsner leans toward a German-style pils, brewed with German hops like Pearl and Saphir. We did include one variety of Czech hops, the Saaz, as a nod toward the pilsner’s origins. Pilsners were first brewed in the mid-1800s in a town called Pilsen, then located in Bohemia or what is now the Czech Republic.  “This is what we’d call a continental-style pilsner,” explains Ryan Myhre, our quality control lab technician.

Pilsners are a pale lager fermented at lower temperatures than the ales we brew. Lagers take longer to brew than ales because of the cooler temperatures, but we get ours done in about 28 days. Fermenting the brew at a lower temperature allows the yeast to metabolize more slowly. “This means the yeast produces fewer flavor compounds, so the lager is a clean balance of malt and hop without having the yeasty character you find in most ales,” Ryan explains.

This ultra-easy drinker comes in at just 4.8% ABV. Its blend of European noble hops gives it a snappy finish with notes of honey and a mild bitterness. With longer days on the way, this brew is sure to get popular. You can already find it on tap at the Talking Cedar restaurant, and there’s a good chance this one is destined for canning before too long.

Our first official batch yielded about seven kegs. If you want to be one of the lucky humans who gets a taste of that first batch, get yourself to Grand Mound and bring your growlers! We can sell you one of those if you need it, of course.

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