Two Fan Favorite Varieties Now Available In Cans

Well, we’re definitely doing something right. Inventory from the inaugural batch of IPAs we canned on December 23 was depleted quickly thanks to sales at a limited number of locations around the state. We had a feeling this might happen, so we lined up another canning session with our favorite mobile canning operation, Craft Canning + Bottling, for January 28.

We get that not everyone loves IPAs, so we’re pleased to announce that in addition to 150 cases of PNW IPA, we canned about 80 cases each of our Kolsch and our Raspberry Blonde. These two easy drinkers are some of our most popular beers. “It was an obvious choice,” explains Jason Summers, our brewery’s business manager.

The Kolsch is a classic, easy-drinking German ale with an ABV that hovers at a delightful 5.8%. You are always going to want to have a six-pack of this stuff in the fridge. It’s uncomplicated, approachable, and offers a delicate maltiness that gives away to slightly peppery notes. The perfect candidate, if you ask us!

With organic raspberry puree added right at end of the brewing process, the Raspberry Blonde comes in at 4.7% ABV and offers a crisp, refreshing sip for anyone who loves a touch of fruity sweetness in their beer. We recommend pouring this pretty little brew into a frosty glass at home to appreciate its pinkish hue.

We’ll be filling back orders of the PNW IPA cans at select outlets around Southwest Washington, but the Kolsch and the Raspberry Blonde cans will only be available for sale at our restaurant in Grand Mound or the Chehalis Tribe’s End of Trail stores. Come and get ‘em while you still can!

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