Pepper and Patty Imperial Pastry Stout: Your New Favorite Winter Seasonal

The winter solstice is nearly upon us and we are proud to announce our very first winter seasonal! Pepper and Patty Imperial Pastry Stout is now on tap at our pub in Grand Mound and you definitely don’t want to miss out on a taste of this stuff.

The newest member of our pastry stout series was inspired by the cool, classic taste of a peppermint patty. We brewed this beer with cacao nibs, a dash of vanilla and about ten pounds of December’s most iconic sweet treat: candy canes.

The first round of candy canes was added early on in the process. “We just threw whole candy canes into the boil,” says Ryan Myhre, our quality control lab technician. “They dissolve pretty easily.” We also added candy canes to the fermenter, one of the final stages of the process, along with cacao nibs and pure vanilla extract. Because the fermenting process isn’t as hot, we crushed up the candy canes first. The result is a smooth-drinking mouthful of holiday cheer.

Cool, rich and sweet, this brew is just a touch boozier than our last pastry stout. Coming in at 10.4% ABV, this stout will keep you warm on a chilly night. Unsurprisingly, it pairs well with dessert. Serve it with a rich chocolate cake, pour it over ice cream or make an adults-only float. Let’s be real, though. This stout stands up as a dessert all on its own.

We crafted a four-barrel batch, so come get your share of these seven kegs before it’s too late. You can order a pint or add a taste to a flight when you visit our pub for a meal or pick up a 32- or 64-ounce growler to go. Leave a glass of Pepper and Patty Imperial Stout out for Santa and you’ll secure your place on the “nice” list for the next year or two at least!

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