Local Partner Spotlight: Whitewood Cider

At Talking Cedar Brewery, we love doing business locally. That’s why we are proud to pour cider in our restaurant from a fellow Thurston County producer: Whitewood Cider. Their wildly popular Red Cap cider is the only beverage on tap in our pub we don’t make ourselves.

“Whitewood is just so consistent,” explains Jason Summers, our brewery’s general manager. Quality and consistency are hugely important to us, and we also want to have something for everybody in our pub. Red Cap on tap was the answer.

Whitewood made their first batch of cider in 2011 and they’ve grown to an eight-person team: two folks at the cidery, four people working shifts pouring cider in their Teeny Tiny Taproom and two people running the administrative side of things. They source their apples from around the Pacific Northwest.

“Many come from Washington State specifically,” says Heather Ringwood, Whitewood’s co-owner. “Our Gibb’s Farm blend is all apples from Grant Gibb’s Farm outside of Leavenworth. The North Baker Flats blend is all apples from an orchard in East Wenatchee.” They branch out into Montana for Macintosh apples and Oregon for Newtown Pippins.

We connected with Whitewood thanks to Adam Adrian, a well-known owner, consultant and connector in our local restaurant industry. Heather and her husband and fellow owners Dave were thrilled to hear about our developments here in south Thurston County, especially because they are relocating their production facility to Tenino, right down the road from our location.

“We weren’t looking to deal with a distributor, and Whitewood is just so great to work with,” Jason goes on. Whitewood does all their own distribution. “They are always on top of restocking our kegs and they’re easy to communicate with.”

Heather and Dave appreciate our ability to take more cider up front than some of their other buyers. “Their capacity to have more people in their space moves more cider,” Heather explains. “It’s actually going to help us ramp up production on Red Cap.”

Few things make us prouder than helping a local producer increase output on a top-shelf product. We encourage you to keep an eye out for news about their new Tenino location (we hear there might be a tavern and bottle shop!). And if you’re in Olympia rather than Rochester, why not swing by their Teeny Tiny Taproom and enjoy a pint of one of their other delicious offerings on their covered patio?

Red Cap is truly the beer drinker’s cider. If you claim you’re not a cider drinker and you’ve never had a draft from Whitewood, consider yourself ripe for conversion. Head on down to our pub and add a pour of Red Cap to your flight or order a whole pint!

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