Hop Down to Grand Mound for a Pint of Scotch Ale

While there’s some debate around whether or not a Scotch Ale must have a smokey character imitative of Scotch whiskey, one thing is certain: This rich brew is all about the malt. Sweet and malty in both aroma and flavor, our Scotch Ale falls in line with this tradition.

This style of ale originated in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 1800s and is sometimes referred to as a “Wee Heavy.” The sweet, rich flavors come from an extended boiling period, which allows the wort (the beer before it’s fermented) to caramelize and take on complexity.

Our team of brewers opted to brew our first batch of Scotch Ale with a cherrywood smoked malt to bring out its sweeter character. Look forward to a dark, heavy beer with roasty, earthy flavors made rich with that classic caramelly flavor and a hint of sweet Texas barbeque in the nose.

Coming in at 7.4% ABV, this is brew is a limited release for colder days and longer nights. Don’t miss out! Order a pint or add a pour to your flight at our pub. You can also fill a 32- or 64-ounce growler and enjoy a few pints at home. Donning a kilt is strongly recommended.

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