Don’t Miss Our New SMASH IPA: A Simple, Tasty Beer

At first glance you might not guess this is a simple beer, but there’s a clue hidden in its name. We’re not just capitalizing “SMASH” because we want to shout about this beer. The name is an acronym, and it stands for “Single Malt And Single Hop.”

We’ve brewed this classy IPA with just one variety of malt and one variety of hops. For the malt, our team of brewers chose a variety of English barley with an interesting background: Maris-Otter.

Since it was bred in 1966, this grain has experienced some ups and downs in terms of popularity and viability in the beer world. In 2002, new plantings of the grain had all but stopped because of the plant’s particular climate needs. That’s when two British companies stepped in to keep growing it. Today, it is considered an “heirloom” variety of malt. We chose to source a batch that has been floor-malted, a process that enhances the barley’s natural biscuity flavors.

As for the hops, our team of brewers opted for Amarillo. This variety of hops is a classic favorite of brewers around the country that happens to have been bred right here in Washington State. This is a fantastic variety of hops to use in a SMASH beer because its flavor is distinctly citrusy and bright. It’s a treat to allow these flavors to shine through, uncomplicated by the presence of other hops.

This IPA drinks clean and dry without much of a malt quality up front. Coming in at 7.8% ABV, it is a worthy ale to add to our lineup of delicious IPAs. Why not stop by our pub and line up a flight of them? We’ve brewed enough of this to last a month or two, so don’t miss out!

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