The Annex: This Is Where We Make the Beer

Here at Talking Cedar, we’ve produced multiple batches of over a dozen varieties of beer in the six months since we started brewing. The large-scale brewing system in our primary facility is still being set up and tested, so where has all that magic happened? In a place we lovingly refer to as The Annex.

Kitty-corner from our location on the southwest corner of Highway 12 and Old Highway 99, The Annex is home to a three-and-half-barrel brewing system capable of producing about 100 gallons of beer at time. When we started brewing, output was averaging 11 kegs per week. As of mid-September, we’re looking at an average of 16 kegs per week.

The brewhouse in the Annex is made up of four three-and-a-half-barrel fermenters, two seven-barrel fermenters, a 15-barrel fermenter and one 15-barrel bright tank. We imported this European style brewhouse from Croatia. Thanks to his experience building breweries from the ground up all over the Pacific Northwest, Production Manager Bill Lundeen was in charge of putting the whole thing together earlier this year. “This is a very nicely fabricated piece of equipment and we couldn’t be happier with the beer we’ve made with it so far,” Bill says.

Bill doesn’t spend too much time in The Annex these days; he’s at the helm of preparing the 60-barrel system housed in our primary facility. The tentative goal is to be making up to 240-keg batches of our most popular beers within the next few months with that system, but Bill is adamant about the ongoing use of The Annex.

“The Annex’s mission will always be to create new beers. It’s the creative arm of Talking Cedar,” Bill explains. “We’re going to get into a pretty extensive barrel aging program. We’re excited about sour beers, bourbon barrel aged barley wines, and Belgian strong darks. We’re not limiting ourselves to anything.”

Stay tuned for more news about the exciting offerings coming out of The Annex and developments surrounding our big batch production facility in the weeks and months to come!

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