Our Very First Pastry Stout is Now on Tap and It Tastes Like a Samoa Cookie

What is it about dark, chewy beers that lend themselves so well to mimicking the flavors of goodies? Whatever it is, we’re taking advantage of it! We could not be more excited to roll out our pastry program with our Samoa Cookie Imperial Pastry Stout.

The brewing team here at Talking Cedar shares a deep fondness for the beloved Girl Scout cookie known as the Samoa (or the “Caramel DeLite” in certain parts of the country). There aren’t too many people who dislike the crowd-pleasing flavor combo of chocolate, caramel and coconut, so we decided to pack those flavors into a smooth, boozy stout.

In case you aren’t familiar with this once-a-year delicacy, we’ll explain: The Girl Scouts’ baking partner, Little Brownie Bakers, starts with a ring-shaped shortbread cookie. Then they smother it with caramel and toasted coconut and finish it by dipping the bottom and striping the top with chocolate.

Our Samoa Cookie Pastry Stout is brewed with cocoa nibs and toasted coconut right in the fermenter. The result is a big, rich drinking experience from the first sniff of vanilla and coconut to the last swallow of dark chocolate and subtle caramel crème. This fragrant stout is more like a dessert and may be best enjoyed with food in one’s stomach; it comes in at a hefty 10% ABV.

There’s already talk of potential flavor profiles for the pastry beers of the future amongst our brewing team. If you’re both a dark beer lover and a chocolate lover, get excited. A chocolate cherry cordial flavor profile is a high contender, and we’re flirting with the idea of crushing up actual Thin Mints for another nod to the Girl Scouts’ beloved cookies.

You won’t want to miss out on the Samoa Cookie Pastry Stout and it’s only on tap for a limited time. You’ll only find it on tap in our pub in Grand Mound, so come on down for a full pint or add it to your flight if you just want a taste. You can also fill a 64- or 32-ounce growler with it at our filling station!

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