Round Out Your Summer with Our Fresh Batch of Raspberry Blonde

Did you miss out on our Raspberry Blonde earlier this summer? Good news: We have a fresh batch on tap at Talking Cedar this week.

We brewed a batch of Raspberry Blonde for our opening in late June and it was an instant sensation. By the time the warm weather finally hit in late July, we knew we were going to run out, so Lead Brewer Steve Kirven got to work brewing another batch to take us through the final weeks of summer.

Why add fruit to a Blonde ale? Steve explains how they were making a batch of Talking Cedar’s Kolsch at the same time the Blonde was being developed, and he decided the two were going to be too similar to offer at the same time. He decided to start adding fruit. He tried adding a few different kinds of fruit until he landed on raspberry. When the raspberries went in, the whole team knew they’d landed on something delicious.

Talking Cedar sources organic, sterile raspberry puree from a vendor in Oregon. Steve adds the puree after the Blonde is finished fermenting. “If you put the raspberries in before the fermentation, they’ll lose a lot of flavor,” he explains. “We add the fruit at the very end so it doesn’t have time to ferment. The fruit just stays in the beer.”

“We’re excited to have it ready in time to catch the end of summer,” says Jason Summers, the brewery’s general manger. “The patio at our restaurant will still be open, and it’s definitely a great beer to drink outside.”

Don’t miss out this time! Get down to the patio at Talking Cedar and order up a pint of this pink, delicious Blonde ale and savor summer just a little bit longer.

Still doing all your drinking at home? Not a problem. The front end of our pub is a dedicated growler filling station. Swing through for a fill up and one of our friendly, masked team members will have you on your way with a frosty growler in no time.

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